Rope access

Working at dangerous heights, depths and hard-to-reach places is the origin of Abtec. Thanks to these industrial rope techniques, better known as 'rope access', we offer an efficient alternative to often expensive cranes or scaffolding. Rope access guarantees fast, safe and effective execution of interventions at all heights and depths that are often impossible using other working methods. Because of this working method, we also offer additional added value in our other fields of telecommunication, offshore and maintenance and provide a high-quality total solution. Moreover, our employees and Abtec are certified according to Irata and VCA**.


Some examples where rope access can be used:

- Inspection of churches and other old buildings
- Inspection of columns
- Washing windows
- Installation of telecommunications infrastructure / antennas
- High voltage works
- Work on high voltage pylons
- Mast construction works
- Industrial painting projects
- Steel works
- Offshore works
- Cleaning works
- Construction and renovation works
- Facade cleaning
- Repairs